Welcome to Speech in Motion Ltd, an independent Speech and Language Therapy company specialising in providing services for children and young adult’s with cerebral palsy that have speech, language and communication needs, as well as eating and drinking difficulties.  The company provides individualised speech and language therapy sessions in the home and child’s / young person’s education setting, with therapy provided in collaboration with other members of the multidisciplinary team.  The overall aim of the service is to empower people with cerebral palsy and their families so that they can reach their full potential.

Speech in Motion Ltd supports people with cerebral palsy to develop skills in the following areas:

  • - Developing an understanding of language and communication
  • - Expressing themselves either verbally using language or non-verbally e.g. using their eyes to point
  • - Developing clear speech – articulation, making sounds, breathing for speech
  • - Drooling / saliva control
  • - Feeding, eating and drinking – sensory and/or motor difficulties (input is provided as part of the multi-disciplinary team)
  • - Social communication

Approaches and principles used by Speech in Motion Ltd include:

  • - Bobath Concept, a neurodevelopmental treatment approach.
  • - PROMPT - Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets, for people with specific difficulties organising and planning the movements required for speech.
  • - Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) – including Makaton signing, objects of reference, low technology photograph and symbol systems, Picture Exchange Communication system, high technology voice output communication aids using a range of different access methods.
  • - Talking Mats approach – a specific framework to support gaining the thoughts, feelings and opinions of things that matter for that individual person.
  • - TEACCH principles to support making language more visual and adapting the environment to provide a structured approach to support a child’s learning and participation within activities.
  • - Parent - child interaction therapy.
  • - A person and family centred approach.

What you can expect once someone is referred to Speech in Motion Ltd:

Assessment of the child’s and young adult’s skills will involve discussion, observation and assessment (informal and formal). 

Therapy is individualised to meet the needs of each child, young adult and family.  Each session lasts approximately 1 hour with activities that are motivating to the person incorporated within therapy.  The frequency of therapy sessions will depend on the person’s individual needs and what will work best for them and their family.  Therapy sessions are typically offered in blocks, with the frequency and number of sessions agreed following assessment. 

Liaison with other professionals who work with the person helps them receive more holistic treatment, with everyone working in a co-ordinated way.  Therefore as part of the assessment and therapy, with your consent, discussion with other professionals will occur. 

Therapy Programmes specific to the person will be developed to enable activities to be carried out in between the sessions.

Reports on progress can be produced, so please ask if you would like one produced.  Depending on the nature of the report, it can typically take up to 2 hours to complete, with complex reports taking longer.

Materials and Resources may be made for you to use between sessions when carrying out activities at home or within the education setting.  For the making of specific communication charts (e.g. laminated sheets with photographs or symbols) and specific equipment, there will be a charge to cover preparation time and equipment costs.

Travel after the initial hour from the office base in Gloucestershire is charged at an hourly rate, with all mileage from the office base being charged.


If you would like more information, or a free initial telephone consultation, please contact Nicola on 01452 830061 or nicola.parkinson@speechinmotion.co.uk